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“The boots were scuffed and worn with frayed laces. On closer inspection at least seven studs were missing and they hardly looked big enough to fit a professional footballer. One of the tongues was hanging by a thread and although attempts had been made to clean them, some of the dirt was so encrusted it was difficult to see where the leather finished and the mud started. On the inner sole of one of the boots, Billy could still make out the number five, indicating the shoe size. But it was the inscription on the note below lot 99 that made him take notice. In scrawly handwriting, it read: ‘These boots belonged to me aged eleven. I hope they bring as much luck to the new owner as they did to me. Signed David Beckham.’ Billy couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Despite their condition, they were probably the coolest objects he’d ever clapped eyes on.”

As a soccer mad schoolboy, Billy Boyle lived and breathed football. Unfortunately his passion wasn’t matched by his ability. Ridiculed by team-mates, parents and so-called school friends, he couldn’t see any future in the game until a chance visit to a sporting auction. A pair of David Beckham’s schoolboy boots seem to have magical qualities which transform his game. But are they really magical and are the extra problems they bring worth having?

Set in the modern day and written for seven-to-twelve-year-olds, Beckham’s Boots is a children’s novel of a boy’s simple quest to follow his dream. But Billy’s story is not just about a boy’s passion for soccer but a tale of how achievement can bring with it jealousy, bullying, mishap and tragedy and how he copes with that.

Beckham's Boots book cover